The South Sudan, Petroleum Act 2012 is notable, in great part, for its specific local content stipulations, stipulations that do not form a separate law but are included in this petroleum law. Hence, the 2012 Petroleum Law requires businesses, including contractors and sub-contractors, to acquire materials, equipment, machinery and consumer goods produced on the local market, so long as they are of the same or “approximately the same” quality, available for sale and delivery in a timely manner, and no more than 10 percent more expensive than the foreign-produced equivalent. The law also requires companies to acquire national services so long as they are similar to those available on the international market, and the prices are no more than ten percent higher. Businesses are required to provide the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining local content plans detailing local recruitment, employment and training and the transfer of skills, knowledge, and competence to South Sudanese.

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South Sudan Ministry of Petroleum and Mining