Gender and Extractives

4. Enforcement, compliance and management of the sector 

Ensuring gender is incorporated into sector strategy, policy, legislation is crucial in bringing gender equality considerations into the sector. Equally important is the enforcement of and compliance with these provisions in the management of the sector.  

Contract managers must ensure compliance with requirements for companies to conduct Environmental Social Impact Assessments and other assessments, which can help ensure women’s experiences are understood and responded to. The government can conduct public service announcements and training about the dangers of working without proper protection and the health risks of exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins. The government must also ensure that grievance and feedback mechanisms are properly set up and responded to.

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Key Questions and Considerations:

  • Are contract managers, inspectors and other personnel with public facing roles sensitised to gender issues in the sector?

  • Have local government employees been trained on the gender provisions of relevant laws and policies?

  • Are government services linked to the sector decentralised so they are more accessible to women?

  • Are there clear remedial or enforcement actions on breaches of provisions relating to gender equality and women’s participation?

  • Is there a clear follow up system on grievances or concerns reported to the government? Is action taken on these concerns and are responses monitored? 

The government can increase local government presence to better enforce regulations on small-scale mining to reduce child labour and improve the safety and health impacts of working conditions, all of which have implications for women.

Local and central government could consider employing  women liaison officers to work with women, where women may feel intimidated in dealing with male government employees or where it is not considered appropriate for them to do so.

Revenue management

It is also important to ensure revenues are managed and spent in a way that is equitable. As a starting point, decision makers must ensure there is a proper consultative process regarding benefit sharing.

Key Questions and Considerations:

  • Have women been involved in discussion on how revenues will be spent?