Investment Promotion


1. Investment Laws: A Widespread Tool for the Promotion and Regulation of Foreign Investment compiled by the United Nations Conference of Trade and Development in 2016

In November 2016 UNCTAD released a special issue of its Investment Policy Monitor exploring investment laws as a widespread tool for investment promotion around the world.The toolkit points out the key characteristics of different provisions that can usually be found in investment laws.

2. Best Practices in Investment for Development How to Attract and Benefit from FDI in Mining: Lessons from Canada and Chile published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 2011

The purpose of this report is to identify best practice policies that successfully attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in mining, while optimizing its economic, environmental and social impacts. The report focuses on two cases, Canada and Chile, relying on primary and secondary research, including interviews with some 20 stakeholders in both countries. The first chapter provides an overview of mining as an economic activity and the challenges facing host governments in balancing the interests of foreign investors and those of the host country. The following two chapters look at how Canada and Chile, respectively, have addressed these challenges. The final chapter compares the two cases, and draws out lessons for policymakers in mineral rich developing countries.

3. Evaluating Investment Promotion Agencies published by the United Nations Conference on Investment and Trade in 2008

This guide presents a generic methodology for evaluation of IPAs, based on a body of accepted research, which can be adjusted to fit the specific circumstances of IPAs worldwide. The primary objective of evaluation is to learn from experience, leading ultimately to improved performance and returns on public and private funds invested. Evaluation achieves this through two basic mechanisms: (a) Accountability – looking backward, evaluation helps to explain to stakeholders what has been achieved by a programme and the use made of public funds; (b) Improving future programmes – looking forward, evaluation helps ensure that lessons from the past are learnt and used to improve existing and future programmes.

4. Investment Promotion and Facilitation published by the OECD in 2011

Within an overarching strategy for improving the investment environment, investment promotion and facilitation can help to increase both domestic and foreign investment and to enhance their contribution to national economic development. Success in promoting investment requires a careful calculation of how to employ resources most effectively and how to organise investment promotion activities within the government so that the overriding goal of economic development through improvements in the investment climate remains at the forefront of policymaking. This chapter seeks to assist countries in incorporating international best practices into their own investment promotion efforts.

5. Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Center published by the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (World Bank Group)

This flyer introduces the Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Center of MIGA, presenting an overview of its online resources.

6. Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies 2016

Fraser Institute conducts annual survey of mining companies. This report presents the results of the Fraser Institute’s 2016 annual survey of mining and exploration companies. The survey is an attempt to assess how mineral endowments and public policy factors such as taxation and regulatory uncertainty affect exploration investment. The survey was circulated electronically to approximately 2,700 individuals between August 30th and November 18th, 2016. Survey responses have been tallied to rank provinces, states, and countries according to the extent that public policy factors encourage or discourage mining investment.