Local Content


1. Unpacking Local Content Requirements in the Extractives Sector: What implications for the Global Trade and Investment Frameworks?  compiled by Isabelle Ramdoo

This paper focuses on the question of local content in the oil, gas, and mining sectors, particularly the policies put in place to foster its use, and how this fits into the international trade and investment frameworks. It unpacks the definition and the scope of local content and the different levels of regulatory requirements used to address the question and presents evidence of what has worked (or not) in different contexts and under different conditions.

2. Local Content Laws & Contractual Provisions (Website) compiled by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI)

CCSI has conducted a survey of the local content frameworks of a number of countries, identifying the key legislation, regulations, contracts and non-binding policies and frameworks dealing with local content issues in the mining and petroleum sectors. A profile was created for each country, summarizing the provisions in the legal instruments dealing with local content and highlighting examples of high impact clauses. The profiles examine provisions dealing with local employment, training, procurement, technology transfer, local content plans as well as local ownership, depending on the country’s approach to and definition of local content.

3. A Local Content Decision Tree for Emerging Producers compiled by Chatham House in July 2016

This paper proposes a template for designing local content policy that is adapted to the resource base, anticipated petroleum activities, capacity levels available in country and guided by national development aspirations. It seeks to present policy-makers of emerging producer countries with a structured framework for considering the multiple factors that come into play in the development of a local content policy. The simple roadmap reviews key considerations for assessing the expected petroleum sector demand and existing national capabilities. Policy considerations are presented in a decision tree format, to highlight the sequencing of geological steps typical of emerging producers.

4. Primer: Local Content- Strengthening the Local Economy and Workforce created by the Natural Resource Governance Institute in March 2015

This document is a basic introduction on local content policies including a definition, remarks on implementation, country examples, challenges and key questions to ask.

5. Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector produced by the World Bank in 2013

This paper describes policies and practices meant to foster the development of economic links from the petroleum sector, as adopted by a number of petroleum-producing countries both within and outside of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

6. A practical guide to increasing mining local procurement in West Africa produced by the World Bank

This document provides information, guidance and tools to support decision-making, planning and implementation of mining local procurement in West Africa, in particular at a country level. It can be used by individual role players as well as form the basis of consultative processes. The guide can also support regional harmonization relating to mining local procurement. This 2015 version of the Practical Guide to Mining Local Procurement in West Africa addresses questions that are commonly asked by governments, companies, and citizens in the region.