Mineral Policy


1. A Mining Policy Framework: Mining and Sustainable Development-managing one to advance the other published by the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development in October 2013

This Framework provides recommendations to different policy areas of mining such as financial benefits optimization, socio-economic benefit optimization, environmental management, post-mining transition, artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). The second part provides an in-depth analysis of these areas.

2. Policy Tools for Indigenous Governments for Exploration and Mining published by the Firelight Group in 2017

This toolkit provides guidance for policymakers on three distinct areas: Exploration agreements, consultation policy and referrals screening prioritization for land departments. Different policy options are presented, pointing out the pros and cons as well as giving concrete examples.

3. Mining (Overview Website) hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

This overview website of the IISD provides links to many reports on mining policy, framework assessments as well as a blog that presents the most recent findings of IISD studies.

4. A Framework to Approach Shared Use of Mining-Related Infrastructure published by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment in cooperation with Australia Aid and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia in March 2014

This publication discusses the concept of shared use. The concept of “shared use” or “open access” relates to finding ways to leverage extractive-industry related infrastructure investments in developing countries for the broader benefit of the national and regional community. It presents frameworks for four different types of infrastructures: Rail & Port, Power, Water and ICT. 

5. Guidelines for the Implementation of Financial Surety for Mine Closure published by the World Bank in 2009

This report aims to provide governments with the information they need to make their own informed decisions. It is based on a review of existing financial surety systems in a number of countries. .

6. First thematic paper : sustainable and strategic decision making in mining (Armenia Country Study) published by the World Bank in 2014

This paper aims to inform Armenia's policy dialogue on environmental and social issues in the mining sector. The paper is based on the premise that for the mining sector to have positive, long-term impacts in Armenia, it is necessary to take into consideration the short- and long-term environmental and social impacts of the sector and to promote strategic planning and efficient management of natural resources.