Mining Industry Overview


1. The Mining Industry: Overview and Trends compiled by the National Resource Governance Institute in April 2015

This is a very general 5-page summary of the mining industry for people with little previous knowledge about the sector. It explains the different stages of the project cycle, the different types of mines and introduces the key players of the industry.

2. Africa Mining Vision: February 2009 produced by the African Union in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) 

On 20-22 August 2008, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) convened a meeting of the technical taskforce to draft the new Africa Mining Vision in preparation for the First African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Mineral Resources Development. The taskforce, jointly established by the African Union (AU) and ECA, also includes representatives from the African Mining Partnership (the intergovernmental forum of African ministers responsible for mining), the African Development Bank (AfDB), UNCTAD, and UNIDO.

3. The Extractive Industries Sector: Essentials for Economists, Public Finance Professionals, and Policy Makers produced by the World Bank in 2015

The objective of this volume is to provide a concise overview of EI-related topics these professionals are likely to encounter. The volume provides an overview of issues central to EI economics; discusses key components of the sector’s governance, policy, and institutional frameworks; and identifies the public sector’s EI-related financing obligations. Its discussion of EI economics covers the valuation of subsoil assets, the economic interpretation of ore, and the structure of energy and mineral markets.

4. Breaking New Ground: Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development produced by the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project

Presenting the principal conclusions of the IIED/WBCSD project Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) - the most ambitious study yet undertaken on the role of minerals in sustainable development. Drawing on the project’s two-year process of consultation and research, Breaking New Ground describes the minerals sector and its relationship with concepts of sustainable development, and offers an Agenda for Change for immediate and future actions.