Mining Institutions


1. African Mining Vision (Website) hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

The Africa Mining Vision was adopted by Heads of State at the February 2009 AU summit following the October 2008 meeting of African Ministers responsible for Mineral Resources Development. It is Africa’s own response to tackling the paradox of great mineral wealth existing side by side with pervasive poverty. The website offers short one-pager summaries on 9 different topics areas (e.g. Building linkages, CSR, trade and investment etc.)

2. African Minerals Development Centre (Website) hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

The AMDC advocates for the enhanced use of geological and geospatial information to manage long-term developmental outcomes in African mining countries, as well as a well-governed African mining sector that is socially and environmentally accountable. The Centre also aims to contribute to the fostering of a highly skilled and knowledge-driven mining sector which delivers greater economic and social benefits as a result of high productivity levels. The website provides a range of publications, information about events and current sector news.

3. Artisanal Gold Council (Website)

Big Solutions for the Small-scale: the Artisanal Gold Council is a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the opportunities, environment, and health of the millions of people involved in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in the developing world. Through doing so we aim to improve the health and safety of workers as well as decrease the environmental impact of the global gold sector.

4. International Women in Mining (Website)

International Women in Mining (IWiM) currently has 9,000+ members from over 100 countries. IWiM aims to implement initiatives that improve worldwide gender balance in the mining industry, and foster the professional development of women in mining.The purpose of IWiM projects is to increase the number of women serving on boards; increase the number of women presenting at mining conferences; and improve the representation of women in the industry as a whole. IWiM provides information, links to resources and facilitates lively discussions on issues important to women working in the industry.

5. Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) 

The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) is a member-driven organization that provides national governments the opportunity to work collectively to achieve their sustainable mining goals. IGF’s overarching objective is enhancing capacities to achieve sustainable development objectives through good governance in the mining sector. It is devoted to optimizing the benefits of mining to achieve poverty reduction, inclusive growth, social development and environmental stewardship. IGF serves as a unique global venue for dialogue among its 55 member country governments, mining companies, industry associations and civil society.