Mining Legislation and Regulations


1. African Mining Legislation Atlas (Website)

The AMLA platform is a free online one-stop resource for African mining legislation that provides the public with all 53 existing mining codes of the continent in an easily readable and searchable format. An upgrade of this platform is underway featuring: (i) amendments to the mining codes, mining regulations and related legislation, (ii) a country by country specific provision comparison tool, and (iii) interconnectivity with, an initiative that maintains a repository of mining contracts.

2. Guide to Extractive Industries Documents – Mining produced by Allen & Overy in January 2013

The law firm Allen and Overy has compiled a guide for common terms in mining contracts, along with a wide range of information about the types of clauses used.

3. Guide to Mining Regimes in Africa compiled by LEX Africa in 2016

Africa is well endowed with mineral resources. It harbours the world’s largest mineral reserves of platinum, gold, diamonds, chromite, manganese, and vanadium. Mining in Africa is an integral and important part of the continent’s economy. Many mining projects suffer extreme risks and difficult decisions and sound mining law is integral for an investment decision. The purpose of the publication is to gain a better understanding of what makes up the various laws in each African jurisdiction.

4. Mining: World Bank Support to Mining Sector Reform produced by the World Bank in September 2011

The World Bank has supported 39 mining sector reform projects in 24 countries since 1988. The reforms have contributed to an increase in investment in the mining sector and related economic indicators such as exports, fiscal revenues and gross domestic product (GDP) in most recipient countries. The critical next steps are promoting policies and programs to strengthen governance and the links to the rest of the economy to ensure that the benefits are widespread and sustained.