National Oil Companies (NOCs)


1. The Cost of an Emerging National Oil Company published by Chatham House in March 2016

This paper focuses on the prospects for national oil companies (NOCs) after the recent oil price fall. If, as seems likely, prices remain low for a number of years, investors will be far more cautious, international oil companies will see reduced cash flows, and many exploration projects will be put on hold or cancelled. Governments of emerging and prospective producer countries, and their NOCs, need to understand the cost of various NOC roles, and how these can be financed at different stages of developing the resource base.

2. National Oil Companies and Value Creation published by the World Bank in 2011

This paper describes the key features of upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum operations and how these may impact value creation and policy options, and draws on ample literature and discusses how changes in the geopolitical and global economic environment and in the host governments’ political and economic priorities have affected the rationale for and behavior of NOCs.

3. National Oil Companies and Value Creation Vol.2 published by the World Bank in 2011

Rather than providing an in-depth analysis of the philosophical reasons for creating a NOC, this volume of the paper seeks to highlight the special nature of NOCs and how it may affect their existence, objectives, regulation, and behavior.

4. National Oil Companies and Value Creation Vol.3 published by the World Bank in 2011

This volume of the paper proposes a value creation index to measure the contribution of NOCs to social value creation. A conceptual model is also proposed to identify the factors that affect value creation. Chapter four presents the result of an exploratory statistical analysis aimed to determine the relative importance of the drivers of value creation. In addition, the experience of a selected sample of NOCs is analyzed in detail, and lessons of general applicability are derived.

5. A citizen's guide to National Oil Companies published by World Bank and Center for Energy Economics (CEE) in 2008

This guide presents a collection and preliminary analysis of data on a large group of NOCs, and provides a starting point for discussion in resource-rich countries among policy makers, civil society, and other stakeholders to engage on these issues with the objective of strengthening and improving the contribution of NOCs to economic and social development.

6. The national oil companies in Latin America : issues in organization and management published by the World Bank in 1987

This paper analyzes the most important issues that have faced and are still facing the organization and management of National Oil Companies (NOCs) in Latin America based on the Bank's experience in the oil sector. The paper presents a global review but also includes a case by case analysis of each of the NOC's in the annex for those interested in learning more about these entities. The most important issues cover the energy sector organization and management, the role and organization of the NOC's and their managerial and financial autonomy.

7. Primer: State Participation and State-Owned Enterprises: Roles, Benefits and Challenges published by the National Resource Governance Institute in March 2015

This paper describes the benefits and challenges of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the extractive sector. NRGI’s research has shown a few trends that lead to successful SOEs, including clarifying roles between the SOE and other government entities, developing a clear revenue retention model, investing in staff and practicing transparency.