Petroleum Industry Overview


1. Exploring Oil Data: A reporter's handbook created by Open Oil

This is a guidebook on how to optimally use public domain resources around the Petroleum industry. It demonstrates how to access and extract data on various sites such as the EI Sourcebook, Energy Information Administration, BP Statistical Review of World Energy, International Energy Agency and the World Bank databank. In addition it introduces the main media platforms, blogs, twitter feeds, research institutes and services firms covering the oil and gas industry.

2. The Extractive Industries Sector: Essentials for Economists, Public Finance Professionals, and Policy Makers published by the World Bank in 2015

The objective of this volume is to provide a concise overview of EI-related topics these professionals are likely to encounter. The volume provides an overview of issues central to EI economics; discusses key components of the sector’s governance, policy, and institutional frameworks; and identifies the public sector’s EI-related financing obligations. Its discussion of EI economics covers the valuation of subsoil assets, the economic interpretation of ore, and the structure of energy and mineral markets.