Petroleum Licensing and Contracting


1. Guide to Extractive Industries Documents - Oil and Gas compiled by the law firm Allen & Overy

The law firm Allen and Overy has compiled a guide for common terms in oil and gas contracts, along with a wide range of information about the types of clauses used.

2. (Website) 

OpenOil is a website with a mission to create an open data framework for managing natural resources at a supranational level to assure that natural resources will be sustainable in the long run. They provide services that increase transparency and conduct cost-benefit analysis of the industries as they are currently run.

3. Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (Website) 

The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators is an independent not-for-profit professional membership association that supports international energy negotiators around the world and enhances their effectiveness and professionalism in the international energy community. On their website they provide model contracts for different tasks throughout the oil & gas project cycle.

4. Petroleum Exploration and Production Rights: Allocation Strategies and Design Issues published by the World Bank in 2010

This paper analyzes the available evidence on the advantages and disadvantages of various practices used by petroleum producing countries to allocate petroleum E&P rights, and draws conclusions about the optimal design of E&P allocation systems.

5. Licensing and upstream petroleum fiscal regimes: Assessing Lebanon’s choices published by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies in 2015

This country analysis investigates Lebanon's choice of upstream petroleum fiscal terms and strategies to award oil and gas licenses. In particular the report assesses the choice of a competitive bidding strategy and argues that the biddable parameters need further review.