Petroleum Policy


1. Guidelines for Good Governance in Emerging Oil and Gas Producers 2016 published by Chatham House in July 2016

The purpose of these guidelines is to help emerging producers and the groups that advise them to think critically about the policy options that are available, and that would be most effective during the first stages of exploration and development, or during a restructuring of the country’s oil and gas sector. The goal is not to produce a complete guide to governance of the petroleum sector, but rather to offer guidance on making effective decisions about the structure and rules of the sector in an imperfect context.

2. Good Governance of the National Petroleum Sector first published by Chatham House in March 2007 (re-published in 2009)

This Document introduces the results of a two-year project to find out what constitutes good governance of the petroleum sector from a national perspective. It condenses recommendations from the more detailed Report on Good Governance of the National Petroleum Sector, into a set of 40 governance benchmarks. These are uniquely based on a dialogue in which decision-makers from 23 oil- and gas- producing countries shared their experience and worked towards common principles and guidelines.

3. New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group (Website) by Chatham House

This project takes as its starting point that governance recommendations gain better acceptance if designed by producer countries. The project hosts an annual two-day New Producers Discussion Group, in collaboration with the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the Commonwealth Secretariat which creates a space for information sharing and an honest appraisal of governance challenges among producers.  The discussion group includes technical advisory groups, emerging producers and more established producers, as well as non-governmental organizations.