1. Mining Contracts: How to Read and Understand Them

This toolkit focuses on mining contracts and legal frameworks surrounding them. It starts from a big picture examination on the operations of the sector at the global level, how the markets function and are structured, and evaluate the links in the supply and value chains for the average mineral. Then it goes in depth into the laws and contracts, the negotiating process, mine operation, fiscal issues, environmental and social issues.

2. Oil Contracts: How to Read and Understand Them

This toolkit intends to lead the non-specialist reader through a logical sequence in understanding contracts. Section One sets the stage with background context. Section Two, who the players are, establishes the formal parties to a petroleum contract and the normal provisions of who does what and who decides what according to the contract. Section Three, 'The Money', goes to the heart of the negotiation and deals with all the different revenue streams and tools that go into constructing ever more complex financial arrangements. Section Four deals with the linkages between the petroleum industry and economic development as a whole in the producing country. Section Five looks at clauses relating to health, safety and environmental protection. Finally, in Section Six, Layers Yammering On, looks at dispute and arbitration procedures.