International Trade in Natural Resources: Practice and Policy

Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies | Document | 2012

Natural resources account for 20% of world trade, and dominate the exports of many countries. Policy is used to manipulate both international and domestic prices of resources, yet this policy is largely outside the disciplines of the WTO. The instruments used include export taxes, price controls, pr...

Natural Resource Charter

Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) | Document | 2014

The Natural Resource Charter is a set of principles for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by extractive resources for development. It is not a recipe or blueprint for the policies and institutions countries must build, but instead provides the ingredients suc...

Issue 19: Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

Extractives Hub | Document | 2018

This issue of the Extract focuses on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains. Many everyday products contain metals that may be sourced from post-conflict or politically-unstable regions. For many of the companies producing these goods, it is no longer acceptable to have relationships with suppliers who m...

Commodities Trading Transparency Game-Changing Opportunity for U.K. Leadership at the London Anti-Corruption Summit

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2016

This briefing argues that, currently subject to limited regulation and even fewer reporting requirements, companies engaged in physical commodity trading of oil, gas and minerals should be required to publicly report on their transactions with government entities. The U.K. is well-positioned to cham...

Commodity Trading: Converting Natural Resources into Revenues

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2015

This document gives an overview of commodity trading. Commodity sales transfer natural resources physical assets into revenues. The sales can generate a large portion of government revenues in a country that is paid in kind, participates in production sharing, or has a state-owned company that produ...

A new normal or the bottom of the cycle? Mergers, acquisitions and capital raising in mining and metals

Ernst & Young (EY) | Document | 2016

For the fifth consecutive year, the mining sector has experienced a decline in deal activity. This comes as no surprise given the huge uncertainty over long-term fundamentals and increasing levels of financial distress throughout the sector. However, this distress may be the precursor to recovery in...

Maximizing Value: Guidance on implementing materials stewardship in the minerals and metals value chain

International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) | Document | 2006

Maximizing Value provides ICMM and its members with practical direction, ideas and examples on the implementation of materials stewardship. The primary audience for the guidance is minerals and metals companies, however many of the recommended activities require interaction and collaboration with ot...

International Rules for Trade in Natural Resources

Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies | Document | 2009

This paper investigates the scope for international rules to address market failures in trade in natural resources and the associated international transactions of prospecting and investment in resource exploitation. The authors argue that several market failures are likely to have substantial costs...

Implementing AML/CFT Measures in the Precious Minerals Sector: Preventing Crime while Increasing Revenue

IMF | Document | 2014

The trade in precious metals and stones has been linked to illicit financial flows, corruption, smuggling, drug trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, and the financing of terrorism. In addition, the extraction of precious minerals and the subsequent trade in these resources, if properly managed, pr...

Mining Agreements of Sierra Leone

URL | 2016

This is Sierra Leone's National Minerals Agency portal, which contains all of the latest mining lease agreements the Government of Sierra Leone has signed with mining companies, both local and international.

Copper Bottomed? Bolstering the Aynak Contract: Afghanistan's First Major Mining Deal

Global Witness | Document | 2012

On 25 May 2008, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) signed a contract with a Chinese state-backed consortium to mine the country’s largest-known copper mine in Logar province – the Aynak concession. The deal could play a key role in Afghanistan’s future, generating, accordi...

Mineral Trading Topic

Adam Smith International | URL | 2017

This is the URL to the "Mineral Trading" Topic page on the Extractives Hub.

Trade and Development Report 2016

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) | Document | 2016

The trade and development report is the main annual report published by UNCTAD. The 2016 report is titled "Structural Transformation for inclusive and sustained growth". Section E of Chapter 3 refers to the role of the primary sectors in the structural transformation process. Furthermore this sectio...

In Pursuit of Transparent Trading

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2015

This briefing paper investigates the transparency of commodity trading. Commodity trading companies are influential actors, and whether they follow transparent and accountable business practices matters to developing countries. Transparency should feature across traders’ engagements with public sect...

Global Economic Monitor Commodity Database

World Bank | URL | 2017

The Global Economic Monitor Database provides historical data series of international commodity prices. It provides real and nominal prices for a range of agricultural and mineral commodities.

Guide to Commodities: Producers, players and prices, markets, consumers and trends

The Economist | Document | 2013

This book focuses on the narrower, or perhaps purer, definition of commodities: natural resources or raw materials, whether mineral or agricultural. It looks at trends in the consumption and production of, and markets for, these goods, and at how prices have changed over the years and how they are l...

World Gold Council, Gold Demand Trends Q2 2016

World Gold Council | URL | 2016

This webpage provides access to the Gold Demand Trends Q2 2016 report and data. The key findings are that the continued growth in Q2 2016 (+15%) brought total H1 gold demand to 2,335t – the second highest first half on record. Huge ETF inflows during the first six months (+579t) were counterbalanced...

Mining (Mineral Trading) (Amendment) Regulations of Tanzania 2012

Government of Tanzania | Document | 2012

Mining (Mineral Trading) (Amendment) Regulations of Tanzania 2012

Commodity Special Feature: from the World Economic Outlook 2015

International Monetary Fund | Document | 2015

This special feature includes an in-depth analysis of metal markets in the world economy. It puts recent developments into perspective by documenting the dramatic demand and supply shifts over past decades and argues that the balance between demand and supply forces points to a “low-for-long” scena...

Inventory of Restrictions on Exports of Industrial Raw Materials

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) | Document | 2016

This Inventory contains information on export regulations in the raw materials sector, namely minerals, metals and wood. It records measures known to restrain export activity from 2009-2014 at the 6-digit level of HS2007 classification.