A Selection of Licence and Contract Instruments for Capturing Mineral Revenue

Fui S.Tsikata | Document | 2011

This presentation examines the key features of Ghanaian legislation relating to mining taxation and royalties.

Mining Legislation and Regulations: Potential Legislative Concerns

Adam Smith International | Document | 2017

This table discusses potential legislative concerns of stakeholder groups in the mining industry.

Natural Resource Charter

Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) | Document | 2014

The Natural Resource Charter is a set of principles for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by extractive resources for development. It is not a recipe or blueprint for the policies and institutions countries must build, but instead provides the ingredients suc...

Chile 2001 Small and Artisanal Mining Regulation Law

Republic of Chile | Document | 2001

This law is - Applicacion del la Ley 19719, que Establece una Patente Mineral Especial para Pequenos Mineros y Mineros Artesanales, a le vez que condona recargos legales y Concede Facilidades de Pago Para Patentes Artradadas. Hence, this is the Chilean mining regulating governing Artisanal and Small...

Guide to Extractive Industries Documents - Oil and Gas

Allen & Overy | Document | 2013

The law firm Allen and Overy has compiled a guide for common terms in oil and gas contracts, along with a wide range of information about the types of clauses used.

Institutional and Regulatory Assessment of the Extractive Industries in Myanmar: Executive Summary

The World Bank | Document | 2015

This report provides a baseline institutional and regulatory assessment of the oil and gas, mining (including jade and gemstones) and the hydropower sectors in Myanmar. This report is the first in-depth study of the context within which EITI will be implemented in Myanmar, and can inform broader eff...

Canada Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act 1993

Government of Canada | Document | 1993

This 1993 act concerns an agreement between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada. The Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act requires an Inuit “Impact and Benefit Agreement”.

Mining Legislation and Regulations: Applying Mining Legislation

Adam Smith International | Document | 2017

This table provides illustrative examples of how minerals and mining legislation may be applied across different legislative categories.

Sierra Leone Mines and Minerals Act (2009)

Government of Sierra Leone | Document | 2009

This Act consolidates and amends the law on mines and minerals; to promote local and foreign investment in the mining sector by introducing new and improved provisions for exploration, mine development and marketing of minerals and mineral secondary processing for the benefit of the people of Sierra...

International and Comparative Mineral Law and Policy

Bastida, E., Wälde, T., Warden-Fernandez, J. | URL | 2005

This book seeks to understand the current trends and developments in mineral law and policy at the international, regional and national levels. It addresses specific issues faced in the mining industry - ranging from environmental considerations, improved governance, social development and local com...

Mining Legislation & Regulations Topic

Adam Smith International | URL | 2017

This is the URL link to the "Mining Legislation & Regulations" Topic page on the Extractives Hub.

Mining Legislation and Regulations: Enforcement Agencies/Actors

Adam Smith International | Document | 2017

This table shows illustrative examples of the agencies that can be involved in enforcing legislation and the issues that they will cover.

Chile 1995 Law on the Regulation of Environmental Quality and Emission Standards (in Spanish)

Republic of Chile | Document | 1995

This is Chile's 1995 Law on the Regulation of Environmental Quality and Emission Standards - Reglamento para la dictación de normas de calidad ambiental y de emisión. In Spanish.

The Ghana Chamber of Mines' Social Responsibility Model

Ghana Chamber of Mines | Document | 2016

The Ghana Chamber of Mines Social Responsibility Model sets out a potential model for managing mining and social responsibility in Ghana so that both mining companies local communities can benefit. This model is based on a basic principle is that when any two or more parties decide to enjoy quality ...

Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NLTA): Capacity Development for the Indian Bureau of Mines

The World Bank | Document | 2015

This document is a summary of the activities and outputs supported by the Non-Lending Technical Assistance for the capacity development of the Indian Bureau of MInes. The TA supported: (1) the implementation of the United Nations framework classification (UNFC) classification and quantification syst...

Income Tax Act Convention between South Africa and Chile

Republic of Chile and the Republic of South Africa | Document | 2016

This document is the Income Tax Act Convention between South Africa and Chile for the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital (in English).

Extract from the Mexican Constitution Article 27 re. Ownership of Natural Resources (in Spanish)

United Mexican States | Document | 2017

This document is an extract from the Mexican Constitution Article 27 regarding the ownership of natural resources. It includes important provisions with regards to land tenure, notably Article 27 empowers the State over fundamental aspects of property ownership and resulted in expropriation and dist...

USA Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

United States of America | Document | 2007

USA Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, being an Act to move the United States toward greater energy independence and security, to increase the production of clean renewable fuels, to protect consumers, to increase the efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles, to promote research on...

Government of the Russian Federation and Government of Mongolia Agreement on Cooperation in the Sphere of the Prevention of Industrial Accidents, Natural Disasters and Mitigation of the Consequences Thereof (in Russian)

Government of Mongolia and Government of the Russian Federation | Document | 1995

In this agreement the parties shall carry out cooperation in the following fields: (a) elaboration of arrangements to prevent industrial accidents, natural disasters ; (b) setting up official structures for the exchange of information; (c) mutual assistance in the mitigation of the consequences of i...

Mining Legislation and Regulations: How to Address Legislative Gaps

Adam Smith International | Document | 2017

This table describes how to address legislative gaps through legislation.