Iraq’s Technical Service Contracts – A Good Deal For Iraq?

Peter Wells | Document | 2009

The idea for this article arose from the publication in September 2009 of full commercial terms and cash flow analysis for a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) signed by the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Shamaran Petroleum Company. The Shamaran documents offer a rare glimpse of the de...

Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry Brief

KPMG | Document | 2014

Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry Brief provides an overview of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry, looking into the legal and regulatory framework, the requirements for incorporation of a company, the current industry issues and challenges as well as the recent developments in the sector.

Australia Example Petroleum Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) - ConocoPhillips PSA 2003

Australian Government | URL | 2003

This is an Australian Example petroleum Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), ConocoPhillips, PSA, 2003. It concerns arbitration and dispute resolution: disputes, if any, arising between Timor Sea Designated Authority and ConocoPhillips JPDA Pty Ltd., Phillips Petroleum Timor Sea Pty Ltd., and Agip Au...

Promoting Transparency and Monitoring of Contracts

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2015

This briefing provides a number of reasons for the disclosure of extractive contracts. It also looks at questions and strategies for parliamentary monitoring and enforcing extractive agreements. Extractive contracts are principal documents between a government and a company that details the terms an...

Colombia Decree 381 of 2012 on the Creation of the Office of Environmental and Social Affairs (OAAS) by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (in Spanish)

Colombia Ministry of Mines and Energy | Document | 2012

This is Colombia’s Decree 381 of 2002 on the creation of the Office of Environmental and Social Affairs (OAAS) by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The Ministry created this department to support and strengthen communities involved in the development of the extractives sector. The OAAS is in charge ...

Guidelines on implementing spill impact mitigation assessment (SIMA)

The global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues | Document | 2018

A key objective for any oil spill response is to minimize the impacts to ecological, socio-economic and cultural resources at risk through the development of a safe and effective response strategy. Contingency planners and incident managers have traditionally utilized a net environmental benefit ana...

Periodic Review in Natural Resource Contracts

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment | Document | 2014

This brief looks at the use of requirements in the extractive industries for investors and the government to meet at regular intervals to consider whether the terms of the agreement between them require adjustment. Through reviewing existing agreements, the brief considers how the requirements have ...

Five Steps to Disclosing Oil, Gas and Mining Contracts in Tunisia

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2016

This note draws on both international experience and the specificities of the Tunisian context to outline concrete steps that can be taken to promote contract transparency in a way that advances national governance objectives. In Tunisia interest in contract disclosure has manifested itself in the a...

Comparative Review of Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation for Offshore Petroleum Operations

Atkins Holm Joseph Majurey Limited and ERM New Zealand Limited | Document | 2010

This Report considers whether the New Zealand health, safety and environmental regulatory framework requires improvement or modification to meet the needs of the growing offshore petroleum exploration and production sector while ensuring appropriately high standards of health, safety and environ...

Russia 1992 Order No. 214 of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Regarding Setting up a Scientific and Research Centre of Cadastres of Natural Resources (in Russian)

Government of Russia | URL | 1992

This document is Russia’s 1992 Order No. 214 of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources regarding setting up a Scientific and Research Centre of Cadastres of Natural Resources (Scientific Research Centre “Cadastre”). In Russian.

European Union 2014 Regulation No. 1112 Determining a Common Format for the Sharing of Information on Major Hazard Indicators by the Operators and Owners of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

European Union | Document | 2014

This document is the European Union’s 2014 Regulation No. 1112 determining a common format for the sharing of information on major hazard indicators by the operators and owners of offshore oil and gas installations. The regulation specifies common formats in relation to: (a) reports from operators a...

Ecuador comprometió ventas de crudo con China hasta el 2024

El Comercio | URL | 2016

El Estado ecuatoriano tiene, actualmente, comprometidas exportaciones de crudo con Petrochina hasta el año 2024. Se presenta la infografía con las fechas de los contratos de venta de crudo a China. Desde julio del 2009 a abril del 2024

Ireland Petroleum (Exploration and Extraction) Safety Act 2015

Government of Ireland | Document | 2015

An Act to give effect to Directive 2013/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 20131 and for that purpose to amend the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act 1960, section 6 of the Continental Shelf Act 1968 and the Electricity Regulation Act 1999 and to provide for re...

The Deloitte Guide to Oil and Gas in East Africa: Uniquely Structured

Deloitte | Document | 2014

This document is Deloitte’s 2014 Guide to Oil and Gas in East Africa. The document provides a comprehensive guide to the upstream industry in East African countries. Country snapshots include information on the country’s history, key demographic facts, an overview of its oil and gas industry, inform...

EY Illustrative Petroleum Financial Statement Guide: Good Petroleum (International) Limited - Illustrative Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31st December 2013

Ernst and Young (EY) | Document | 2013

This document is Ernst and Young (EY)’s Illustrative Petroleum Financial Statement Guide, regarding “Good Petroleum (International) Limited’s International GAAP® illustrative financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2013”. The publication contains an illustrative set of consolidated fin...

A Guide to Health and Safety Regulation in Great Britain

UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | Document | 2013

This document is the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s guide to health and safety regulation in Great Britain. The guide outlines the occupational health and safety system in Great Britain (GB). It responds to the many requests for information from international visitors, enquirers and research...

Guidance on Permit-to-Work Systems: A Guide for the Petroleum, Chemical and Allied Industries

UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | Document | 2005

This document describes good practice in the use of permit-to-work systems, and will help operators using these systems to ensure risks have been reduced to a level as low as reasonably practicable. It will be particularly useful to the onshore and offshore petroleum industry, onshore chemical and a...

BP Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) 2016-2019 Health and Safety Policy Document

BP | Document | 2016

This document is BP Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)’s 2016-2019 Health and Safety Policy Document. The document sets out BP ANZ’s Health and Safety Policy for the years 2016 to 2019 inclusive. BP’s aspirations are simply stated: “No accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment”.

Human Factors in the Management of Major Accident Hazards: Inspectors Toolkit

UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | Document | 2005

This document is the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s inspectors toolkit on human factors in the management of major accident hazards. It is intended as a set of structured working notes introducing human factors at major hazard sites, some of the key topics within the subject and outlining ho...

Gateway to Growth: Innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) | Document | 2013

This document is PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)’s report on growth and innovation in the oil and gas industry. It explores the impact that innovation has on growth and examines how leading companies are making innovation work for their organisations. To answer this, the document draws on insights obta...