Turning Zimbabwe's Natural Capital into Wealth

Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) | Document | 2013

This is a discussion paper that aims to offer constructive advice and alternatives on how Zimbabwe can strengthen the governance of its extractive sector for the benefit of its people in the short to medium term. The paper also calls on local, regional and international stakeholders to collaborate e...

Raw Talks: Paul Stevens, End of an Oil Era?

Raw Talks | youtube | 2017

This succinct account of some of the factors underlying petroleum economics may be of value to sector decision makers and stakeholders

Resources to Reserves

International Energy Agency (IEA) | Document | 2013

Given the major fluctuations witnessed in energy markets in the past seven years – notably the global economic crisis – Resources to Reserves 2013 assesses the availability of fossil fuels and surveys the cutting-edge technologies needed to find, produce and bring them to the market, while avoiding ...

A Guide to Leading Practice Sustainable Development in Mining

Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices | Document | 2011

This reference book is designed to assist the mining industry to maximize opportunities for economic and social development by implementing leading practice sustainable development principles to deliver practical mining solutions in Australia and overseas.

Oil and Gas in Eastern Africa: Current Developments and Future Perspectives

Benjamin Augé, French Institute of International Relations | Document | 2015

The position of oil companies toward East Africa has changed considerably since 2006 when the first reserves in Uganda came to light. However, for many investors interested in the region, it remains difficult to get a clear picture of the scale of developments of this sector. This paper discusses th...

Africa Mining Vision: February 2009

African Union | Document | 2009

On 20-22 August 2008, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) convened a meeting of the technical taskforce to draft the new Africa Mining Vision in preparation for the First African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Mineral Resources Development. The taskforce, jointly ...

Minerals and Africa's Development: The International Study Group Report on Africa’s Mineral Regimes

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) | Document | 2011

This report on Africa’s mineral development regimes was prepared by the International Study Group (ISG) established in 2007 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). It analyses African mining from a number of complementary perspectives, driven by a search for new directions bas...

Big Spenders: Swiss Trading Companies, African Oil and the Risks of Opacity

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2014

The sale of crude oil by governments and their national oil companies (NOCs) is one of the least scrutinized aspects of oil sector governance. Swiss commodity trading companies buy a considerable share of the oil sold by African governments. This report is the first detailed examination of those sal...

Spotlight on publications: extractive industry investment policies

Evidence and lessons from Latin America (ELLA) | Document | 2016

Many Latin American countries are rich with natural resources like oil, gas and minerals, and they have a wealth of experience to share in terms of the investment policies they have pursued to develop their extractive industries.This selection of publications highlights key resources documenting and...

East Africa Gas - Potential for Export

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies | Document | 2013

This report discusses the development of new offshore gas in Mozambique and Tanzania. It concludes that the speed and volume of LNG exports from Mozambique and Tanzania will be a function, not only of the amount of gas, but also of domestic politics and policies, the economics of the proposed export...

Mine Power: Partnering to Upgrade Energy Infrastructure in the DRC

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2016

This case study discusses the need for better infrastructure in the DRC to access the country’s vast mineral wealth. Power is needed to get to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s valuable mineral assets. Yet the country’s lack of energy infrastructure has been a key bottleneck for this energy-intensi...

Commodity Trading: Converting Natural Resources into Revenues

Natural Resource Governance Institute | Document | 2015

This document gives an overview of commodity trading. Commodity sales transfer natural resources physical assets into revenues. The sales can generate a large portion of government revenues in a country that is paid in kind, participates in production sharing, or has a state-owned company that produ...

Global boom, local impacts: mining revenues and subnational outcomes in Peru 2007-2011

Omar Zambrano, Marcos Robles and Denisse Laos | Document | 2016

The relationship between the abundance of natural resources and socio-economic performance has been a main object of study in the economic development field since Adam Smith. Dominated by the verification of the so called curse of natural resource, the mainstream literature on the topic has been mos...

Resource Corridors: South-East (SE) Copper Segment Pilot Study

The World Bank | Document | 2013

The World Bank, in collaboration with the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Australian Aid, is planning to develop a number of resource corridors across Afghanistan over the next 8 to 10 years. As part of the initial planning, the World Bank is conducting detailed analysis of the potential corridors...

Africa Progress Report 2013

Africa Progress Panel | Document | 2013

The annual Africa Progress Report is the flagship publication of the Africa Progress Panel. Published every year in May, the report draws on the best research and analysis available on Africa and compiles it in a refreshing and provocative manner. Through the report, and as part of its overall mi...

The Deloitte Guide to Oil and Gas in East Africa: Where potential lies

Deloitte | Document | 2013

This report provides an introduction to the oil and gas industries of Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, exploring the regulatory environment and taxation of oil and gas projects.

African Mining Legislation Atlas

AMLA | URL | 2016

The African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) is a legislation gathering, organization, dissemination and capacity building project with three main activities: creation of the AMLA platform, a free online one-stop resource for Africa's mining legal framework (mining codes, regulations and related legi...

Kyrgyz Gold Mining in the Tien Shan Belt

Premier Gold and Mining Haven | Document | 2013

This document concerns gold mining in the Tien Shan Belt. Despite record exploration spending of US$8b in 2011, the number of 5 million ounce plus discoveries is slowing to a trickle. From 1991 to 2000 there were 68, from 2001 to 2010 just 27 and in the four years to 2011, only 6. In their search fo...

Reserves and Resources Topic

Adam Smith International | URL | 2017

This is the URL link to the "Reserves and Resources" Topic page on the Extractives Hub.