The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the World Trade Organization, and Regional Trade Agreements

Melaku Geboye Desta | Document | 2003

Given OPEC’s pivotal role as the forum for the negotiation and regulation of petroleum supplies—and ultimately of prices—and the role of the WTO as the foremost forum of negotiations and regulation of trade in virtually all tradable items at large, there is ample room for a series of complex issues ...

Kazakhstan Example Petroleum Concession: BackBN Munai LLP, Kzyloy Field

Republic of Kazakhstan | Document | 2005

This is the Kazakhstan Example Petroleum Concession: BackBN Munai LLP, Kzyloy Field. Arbitration and dispute resolution as per Article 25: The parties take all measures to resolve all disputes and contradictions relating to the contract through negotiations. If during thirty days the dispute cannot ...

Peru Moquegua Mining Project - 12 Month Dialogue Report (in Spanish)

Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines | URL | 2012

This document summarises the first 12 months of dialogue regarding the presence of a mining project in the region of Moquegua in Peru. Stakeholders include the national and regional governments, Anglo American and local communities. In Spanish.

IISD Handbook on Mining Contract Negotiations for Developing Countries Volume I: Preparing for Success

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) | Document | 2015

This international Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Handbook is designed to help guide developing countries through the process of negotiating investment contracts with mining companies taking a clear purpose and approach: the role mining can play in supporting and promoting sustainable ...

Mining Contracts How to read and understand them

CCSI, OpenOil, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the International Senior Lawyers Project | Document | 2013

Similar to the guide on oil contracts, this book guides non-specialist through the specifities of mining contracts. It starts by providing basic information on the mining industry, laws & contracts and the negotiating table. In a second sections it analyzes the mine operations in more detail looking...

Colombia Minas Paz del Rio Mining Contract Negotiation Bulletin (in Spanish)

Colombia Ministry of Mines and Energy | Document | 2013

This bulletin from Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy provides updates on mining contract negotiations between Minas Paz del Rio and the Colombian government. In Spanish.

Colombia Cerro Matoso S.A. Mining Contract Negotiation Bulletin (in Spanish)

Colombia Ministry of Mines and Energy | Document | 2013

This bulletin from Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy provides updates on mining contract negotiations between Cerro Matoso S.A. and the Colombian government. In Spanish.

Cooperation Agreement Between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan

Intergovernmental Authority for Development | Document | 2012

On 27 September 2012 Sudan and South Sudan signed, in Addis Ababa, a collection of agreements ("the Addis Ababa Agreements 2012") bringing closer to an end the more than two years of negotiations that had taken place previously between the two governments. The last round of negotiations held under t...

Getting to Yes: the Practitioner's Guide to Negotiating Mining Investment Agreements (Lessons from Ecuador)

Craig B. Andrews | Document | 2012

This is a practical guide using a case example to lay out the principals of getting to yes in negotiating investment agreement. The case example is the negotiations of a "contrato de explotation minera" between the government of Ecuador and EcuaCorrientes SA (ECSA) for the Mirador copper-gold projec...

Good Neighbour Agreement

Northern Plains Resource Council | URL | 2017

For years, Northern Plains members fought against Stillwater Mining Company to protect water quality and the communities in Stillwater and Sweetgrass Counties. In 2000, spurred by action taken by Northern Plains members, the two sides came to the table and negotiated an agreement to extend protectio...

Oil Contracts: How to Read and Understand Them

OpenOil | Document | 2012

This toolkit intends to lead the non-specialist reader through a logical sequence in understanding contracts. Section One sets the stage with background context. Section Two, who the players are, establishes the formal parties to a petroleum contract and the normal provisions of who does what and wh...

50 pieces of advice to an official who is engaged in the negotiation of mining contracts A Handbook

International Mining for Development Centre | Document | 2014

The governments of research rich countries have a responsibility to be well prepared and knowledgeable in contract negotiations for natural resource extraction and long-term land leases – not just for the sake of securing a balanced financial deal, but to promote high standards in labour and h...

Southern Africa resource barometer

Southern Africa Resource Watch | Document | 2015

Since 2000, oil and mineral commodity prices have been undergoing a strong and steady rise, mainly due to increasing demand from China, India and other emerging economies. However, while the profits of big international corporations have sharply increased, commodity-producing African countries have ...

Side-by-side Comparison of the Brazil-Mozambique and Brazil-Angola Cooperation and Investment Facilitation Agreements

International Institute for Sustainable Development | Document | 2015

Unlike traditional bilateral investment treaties (BITs), which are geared towards investor protection, CIFAs focus less on investor protection and more on institutional arrangements and agendas for investment facilitation and cooperation. They promote amicable ways to settle disputes and propose sta...

Paris Mismatches: The Impact of the COP21 Climate Change Negotiations on the Oil and Gas Industries

Chatham House | Document | 2016

This paper analyses the impact of international climate action agreed at the COP21 meeting held in Paris in December 2015 on the oil and gas sector. It includes summaries of the relevant aspects of the individual Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) of China, the EU, India, Japan,...

Africa Oil Governance Report

Africa Centre for Energy Policy | Document | 2015

Good oil governance calls for utmost attention in Africa as the region’s oil industry is bedevilled by several governance challenges. The Africa Oil Governance Report therefore presents the governance efforts and lapses of the eighteen member countries of the African Petroleum Producers Associat...

The Negotations Portal

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment | URL | 2016

The Negotiations Portal aims to address the information-sharing and coordination gap by improving the accessibility and visibility of useful tools, resources as well as technical support available to assist governments in the investment process.

Corruption and the renegotiation of mining contracts

Transparency International | Document | 2007

Although rarely documented and by nature hard to detect, corruption in the allocation/renegotiation of mining concessions is believed to be widespread. The secretive nature of such deals, the lack of transparency and public scrutiny as well as amount of capital involved provide opportunities for a...

MMDA 1.0 Model Mine Development Agreement: A Template for Negotiation and Drafting

Model Mining Development Agreement Project and the International Bar Association | Document | 2011

This document is MMDA 1.0, a Model Mine Development Agreement to be used as a template for negotiation and drafting. MMDA 1.0 is the product of almost two years of work by members of the Mining Law Committee of the International Bar Association. Despite its name, it is not an agreement, in the sense...

Model Mining Development Agreement - Transparency Template

International Institute for Sustainable Development | Document | 2013

This report consists of a detailed analysis of the International Bar Association Mining Law Committee's Model Mining Development Agreement, or MMDA 1.0. The MMDA was prepared based upon a detailed analysis of several dozen existing mine development agreements, and after a considerable process of con...