International Centre for Energy Arbitration

ICEA | URL | 2016

The International Centre for Energy Arbitration is a joint venture between the Centre for Energy Petroleum Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee and the Scottish Arbitration Centre, whose mission is to research attitudes and trends in dispute resolution in the energy sector, to facilita...

The Ghana Chamber of Mines' Social Responsibility Model

Ghana Chamber of Mines | Document | 2016

The Ghana Chamber of Mines Social Responsibility Model sets out a potential model for managing mining and social responsibility in Ghana so that both mining companies local communities can benefit. This model is based on a basic principle is that when any two or more parties decide to enjoy quality ...

Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Centre (CIETAC) (Website)

Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Centre (CIETAC) | URL | 2017

Established in 1956, CIETAC is China’s oldest and most experienced arbitration institution, accepting the majority of foreign-related arbitration cases in China.

A Tale of Two Standards: “Fair and Equitable Treatment” and the Minimum Standard in International Law

Hussein Haeri | Document | 2014

This article examines the relationship, past, present and future, between the fair and equitable treatment standard and the international minimum standard of treatment for aliens in light of modern jurisprudence and state practice. The provenance of the fair and equitable treatment standard lies in ...

Environmental Justice in Nigeria: Reflections on the Shell-Ogoni Uprising, Twenty Years Afterwards

Sobomate Sobrasuaipiri | Document | 2014

This article highlights the remote cause of the prolonged crises between the Ogoni people, Shell and the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN). The article suggests that what the Ogoni people have undergone, in the past twenty years has brought about a political transformation in the area; a position ...

Dispute Resolution in the International Energy Sector: An Overview

A. Timothy Martin | Document | 2011

This article provides a comprehensive and succinct review of the essentials needed to deal with the disputes encountered in the international energy sector. It begins with explaining the reasons why this sector has more disputes than any other business sector and then discusses how parties can effec...

Investor-State Dispute Settlement. UNCTAD Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements II

UNCTAD | Document | 2014

UNCTAD's Series on International Investment Agreements analyses the key concepts of core IIA provisions. The "First-generation Pink Series" (1999-2005) sought to help countries participate as effectively as possible in international investment rulemaking. The "Sequels" update and complement this Ser...

Australia Example Petroleum Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) - ConocoPhillips PSA 2003

Australian Government | URL | 2003

This is an Australian Example petroleum Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), ConocoPhillips, PSA, 2003. It concerns arbitration and dispute resolution: disputes, if any, arising between Timor Sea Designated Authority and ConocoPhillips JPDA Pty Ltd., Phillips Petroleum Timor Sea Pty Ltd., and Agip Au...

Afghanistan Law of Commerce 2005

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan | Document | 2005

Article 3 of the Afghanistan Law of Commerce 2005 Law confirms that Article 2 is generally applicable (i.e. as a default - in the absence of any specific laws to the contrary for any specific instance of commerce) and Article 1 confirms that the provisions of this law are applicable to all commercia...

Pre-Arbitration Procedural Requirements

Wilmer Hale | Document | 2015

This chapter on 'Pre-Arbitration Procedural Requirements by Born & Šcekic is published in the book 'Practising Virtue: Inside International Arrbitration' (Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2016). The chapter analyses pre-arbitration procedural requirements in international arbitration agreements an...

Guide for Potential Amici in International Investment Arbitration

Center for International Environmental Regulation (CIEL) | Document | 2014

This guide is aimed at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are concerned that a dispute before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) may have an impact on human rights, labor rights, the environment or any other public interest, and that these potential impacts...

Investor-State Dispute Settlement. OECD Working Papers on International Investment 2012/13

OECD | Document | 2012

This scoping paper on investor-state dispute settlement is produced by the OECD and is aimed for the investment policy community. Governments are facing an increasing number of arbitration claims by foreign investors relating to important public policies or seeking substantial damages, and many gove...

Guide to International Arbitration

Latham & Watkins | Document | 2015

This guide produced by Latham & Watkins provides an overview of the international arbitration process. Topics discussed include when to consider arbitration; the Tribunal; the choice of arbitration rules; the place of arbitration; typical steps in an arbitration; checklist of areas to consider; and ...

Indirect Expropriation and its Valuation in the BIT Generation

W. Michael Reisman and Robert Sloane | Document | 2004

This document deals with indirect expropriation and its valuation in the BIT generation.

International Dispute Resolution

IPAA | Document | 2011

This report produced by the IPAA provides an overview of the international dispute resolution mechanisms. The report discusses amongst others, types of disputes in the international oil & gas business; types of dispute resolution methods; the legal framework for international arbitration; drafting d...

Bangladesh's Accession to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

People's Republic of Bangladesh | URL | 1991

Bangladesh's accession to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) occurred, on ratification, in 1991, to which it added, as per UNCLOS Article 310, statements acting as caveats (exclusions) to UNCLOS's applicability nationally. This ratification is of direct relevant to Bangladesh's...

Energy Charter Treaty and its Role in International Energy

Andrei Konoplyanik and Thomas Wälde | Document | 2006

This article explains the Energy Charter Treaty and its role in international energy.

The Contribution of Iran-United States Claims Tribunal to the Development of the Doctrine of Indirect Expropriation

Veijo Heiskanen | Document | 2003

This article assesses the contribution of the Iran-United States claims tribunal to the development of the doctrine of indirect expropriation.

Oil Contracts: How to Read and Understand Them

OpenOil | Document | 2012

This toolkit intends to lead the non-specialist reader through a logical sequence in understanding contracts. Section One sets the stage with background context. Section Two, who the players are, establishes the formal parties to a petroleum contract and the normal provisions of who does what and wh...

An Umbrella just for Two? BIT Obligations Observance Clauses and the Parties to Contract

Nick Gallus | Document | 2014

Of all the controversial aspects of the bilateral investment treaty, perhaps none are as controversial as the scope of the treaty obligations observance, or ‘umbrella,’ clause. By requiring states to observe obligations they have entered with regard to investments, the clause potentially enables for...